One of our most innovative special effects designs! The 3D Haunted Bust is a state-of-the-art talking ghost special effects system. This particular special effects system is our flagship design which features a completely self-contained projection system configuration. This professional theme park quality special effects (or FX) system rivals any world-class Haunt, Haunted House, Halloween or Amusement Park attraction special effect with the added advantage of being completely discreet

Design variations of the discreet, self contained system include:

tabletop busts,
ghost hosts, living statues, talking gravestones, ghastly gargoyles, spooky seance mediums and animated faux stone carvings.
LAN and WAN capable
providing remote and wireless live interface with the audience or guests.

The design shown here includes mahogany pedastal measuring approximately 4 feet in height and 14 inches in diameter. The entire system measures slightly below 6 feet in height.

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Los Angeles, CA