This theme park grade special effects portrait portrays what can occur when your cursed. It is ideal for any Halloween haunted house, special event, yard haunt or display!


It appears to be a harmless and classic fine art portrait like one you might see in a gallery or museum, only to flash the horrific truth when activated.
The portrait changes right before your eyes in a flash (or actually several flashes). The special effects within the artwork instantly transform this harmless fine art into a shocking and cursed portrait.


The flash rate and brightness are adjustable and can be configured to sound triggered as well as synchronized with additional flash effects systems.    

This special effect design can be configured to any artwork and feature custom hidden flash elements as well. The Flash Portrait effect system shown here measures approximately 38 inches in height by 32 inches wide and is 5 inches deep (30" x 24" with a 4" frame). 

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